Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Catharsis Part-VII: Resolute and Firm

Now I don't blog for the sake of blogging but rather writing. Using a pen and a paper, scratching out here and there really doesn't bode well with my perfectionist approach. So, typing it is and that too in a place where people can read me and rave about me later as a living room topic albeit virtual.

But then I am lying, I also blog for the sake of blogging. Like my blog seems to cry like an unwanted orphan or a neglected child or even a spoiled brat when I do not pay him his due attention. Now I know its all in the head, but what can you do, even my blog did come from my head only.

Actually it is nice to have people read you, and letting you know that they read you. I used to think I was above it, you know, being great and genius and all... but alas, I have a long way to go. I am just another normal, one of the grind, out of the woodwork blogger. I get happy when I get another follower, better when I get another reader who actually reads! I don't always reply to all the comments, how hard I try to change the fact, but sometimes I just can't, then it becomes too late and I don't bother... but that haunts me really! I so enjoy inputs, constructive criticisms, one wouldn't want to lose it all for the lack of interaction on self's part, isn't it? Through all the ups and downs, the rush and the race to keep ahead, keeping readers enthralled, the triumphs and the disasters, living up to expectations and demands, blogging does make me a better writer, if not a better person.

So why suddenly talk about blogging? Because I realize it is one part of me that isn't going to change.

I really had no idea how important this continuation, this fixture is in my life when I am out to change the look of my life. I am leaving my family behind, my fiancĂ© and I will be in different cities a thousand miles apart, my best friends, my closest cousin will be getting married and I won't be there, I won't be seeing most of my friends. I am traveling to an entire different timeline, away from home, with my own apartment, to entirely fend for myself and really make something more of me (yeah, can't ever stop challenging myself!).

It is not that I am resistant to change, after all it was of my choosing. It is just that the transition boggles.

Hence, blogging... the readers and friends and followers, they stay the same, they stay just where they were... be it my blog, their blogs, blog forums, contests, Facebook, Twitter or erm, Farmville... can't really tell you how much I appreciate your presence in my life. You do keep me rooted.... Thank you.

N.B. I hope none of you entertained any dirty ideas, even momentarily, by reading the title of the post. Sheesh! 


  1. Good luck for your future- remember change is always good...and when in doubt -Reject !


  2. To arrive at a decision and to choose from the available options in life is as good as standing at crossroads! But then,situations like these make life pretty interesting! :)

    Wishing you the best of all that life has to offer :)Good luck Guria :)Stay blessed!

  3. I may not feel the same way, but yes, things are there which are common among geniuses and I appreciate that..
    and yes, even if I don't pretend to show off, I am love with blogging...
    (Oh, God why m I saying this??)

  4. Good luck girl! :) I am sure life will be pretty challenging now.. but whenever you find time, scribble something here and do keep in touch with us :) Will miss your regular posts for sure!!! Love ya :)

  5. well change is the only constant thing in life...like yu hav said...am sooo greatful to my blogger buddies who definitely have been a big part of my confidence level boosting!.... keep writing wherever yu go!! applies to me as well!

  6. Good Luck for your future. We will always be here and be the same :). You until your PS i dint even check the title :P.

  7. as @HaRy mentioned CHANGE is the only constant thing in life..

    why do you think that you are going so far and leaving all behind think it this way You will SOON be coming back.. :)

    and sometimes its good to go away you are loved and missed more he he he he

    Blog is indeed a part of all i guess, I when am on my drinks break or something quickly open my page just to see if someone has commented or visited .. It feels good when people comment Genuine comments and like you say READ the article...

    Thanks for this article and its a pleasrue to come to your articles to read what you read.. sometimes we learn something new, sometimes it makes you think , sometimes it makes ones smile I remember the first article i visited on ur blog was about the leapord story i think...

    Now that i have mentioned i hope it was correct :)

    you take care and all the BEST with everything you do ... GOOD LUCK

  8. @GB: I know what you mean but still it doesn't mean that just because we choose the change we cannot be nostalgic about what already is... Sigh! Thanks :)

    @Raksha: I agree. And then it can be not about right/wrong or better/worse but simply about a change.
    Thanks so much for your wishes! made me really happy! :))

    @RSV: LOL!!

    @AK: Absolutely, i really hope to be in here regularly! Thanks for the luck girl, thanks a tonne!! :))

    @HaRy: Kewlll... and you nailed it right! Thanks a lott... :))

    @Harini: thank you girlie!! :))

    @Bikram: Agree with you. And you feeling that way about the things that are close to me, it means a lot, and yeah, the leopard story it was. :)
    Thanks so much for the luck! Keep posting your looong comments, love 'em! :D


"How little a thing can make us happy when we feel that we have earned it" - Mark Twain