Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am The Most Popular Blogger

If you count the number of comments I get.


Don't scroll down and check. I mean it. Nopes, still not lying.

Of course, you have to count the spams and the mysterious, link-less anonymous comments that escape the spam filter.

Getting a normal, decent, blogger's comment, mind you blogger does not equal reader, is a rarity. Every morning when I get an update in my email, "Subject- [Maverick Misfit]: New Comment on ..... ", my first reaction is Delete. A couple of times, i have actually deleted real people's comments too! A common dilemma of a has-been blogger?!

And no Word Verification either. No, not because I love getting these words from the Anonymous but in hope of the ones who would once upon time read would come back and leave a word to me, saying 'oh yeah, i remember you, you used to be my favourite'! In this fast world, writing one another extra word (that too dictated), besides the ten-worded sentence... sorry boss, not so much time!

But seriously sending indecent links in much descriptive paragraphs about stuffs, that me as a girl will never need (and we sure are not going to suggest them to our boyfriends) makes me wonder what 'they' (whoever 'they' may be) intend to achieve, sell or want. Recently, even more strangely, I have been getting spam comments from Anonymous with no links and having weird comments about the blog, obviously totally unrelated to anything. Now what do these people (or things) want to get?

Or is it to make people like me feel popular and remembered. Keeping up a steady flow of bogus, worthless, meaningless comments spamming my inbox just to make me feel un-forgotten? Sadly, I'm not that detached from reality!


  1. Ironically enough I've been getting a few such comments lately too. Especially people not bothering to read the post at all and wishing me Happy Diwali, new year, Halloween and whatnot beneath a post such as a movie review or poem. Ridiculous. In the beginning I tried to be patient but now I'm absolutely not in the mood for putting up with this nuisance. I just delete right away.
    And as far as anonymous comments go...I've disabled them altogether. Btw I still do read your blog now and your blog is one of those ones which automatically attract readers. (Honest confession yeah)

  2. the very reason i move every year. best is oh you have such wonfull blaag. please read and comment on m blog.. cue wilbur's blog

  3. you are one of the most popular bloggers. and it's proven and you have admitted that. I don't care about the tone of this post. IT IS A FACT!!

  4. oh well... coming after a long time here, I do sympathize with you. (bhavnao ko samjho leave the spelling, m not sure its right) :P

    thought should leave a proper comment now...;)

  5. hey! please read comments...because we are here to read your post and appreciate it and don't delete without reading it.


"How little a thing can make us happy when we feel that we have earned it" - Mark Twain