Sunday, October 16, 2011


A crack in the mind,
A broken arrow that pierced
Hearts, more than one
A slip in time,
Over a small weak moment-
One that snowballed,
And ran all down
Down, down the deep crevice-
Into the unknown
Of the forbidden, in a free fall.
Oh, but what a fall!
The heart wailed,
The mind assailed,
With fears tasting bitter
But no guilt,
Over what's done and dead;
Oh, but what a fall it was,
With no rhyme, no cause.
And when you find land
Finally beneath your shaky feet,
All you want is to be swayed
And swept away, again
Into the nothingness of non-existence.


  1. This I can relate to so very nicely.. But I am a bit apprehensive of being swayed again , swept again as it may be another LONG fall :)

    beautiful poem


  2. woww very deep and beautifully expressed.

  3. I guess we all have these moments!!! Well-said and brilliantly penned! :)


"How little a thing can make us happy when we feel that we have earned it" - Mark Twain